Special Effects & Decoration

Software: Photo Processing: Special Effects & Decoration


AKVIS ArtSuite AKVIS ArtSuite 20.0 - Frames and Effects for Your Photos

AKVIS ArtSuite is an impressive collection of versatile frames and effects for photos. ArtSuite contains many templates and texture samples that can be used to create a virtually limitless variety of options for generating frames.
Decorate a photo to give it an original and festive look!


AKVIS Chameleon AKVIS Chameleon 12.1 - Photo Collage Creation

AKVIS Chameleon is a fun to use tool for photo collage creation. It makes the process easy and entertaining. The tool is very easy to handle as it does not require precise selection of objects.
Using the software you can quickly create your own photo collages.


AKVIS Decorator AKVIS Decorator 9.0 - Resurface and Recolor

AKVIS Decorator lets you change the surface of an object in a realistic manner. The program puts on a texture keeping the volume of an object, following its folds and creases. The new pattern looks absolutely natural and makes you see things differently. Recoloring is also made easy.


AKVIS Explosion AKVIS Explosion 2.0 - Fabulous Particle Explosion Effects

AKVIS Explosion offers creative destruction and particle explosion effects for your photos. It bursts an object and applies dust and sand particles to an image. With the software, you can create eye-catching graphics in just a few minutes!


AKVIS Frames AKVIS Frames 8.0 - Decorate Your Photos with Frames

AKVIS Frames is a free program designed for working with the AKVIS frame packs. With the program, it's easy to decorate your photos with exclusive ready-to-apply picture frames. You can also add text, watermark, or logo to your picture. Create eye-catching and appealing images!


AKVIS LightShop AKVIS LightShop 8.0 - Light and Star Effects

AKVIS LightShop lets you create an infinite number of astounding light effects! The program offers advanced lighting techniques for adding stars and glow effects to images. A light effect draws attention and brighten up any photo. Add a little magic to your pictures!


AKVIS NatureArt AKVIS NatureArt 12.6 - Bring Nature to Your Photos

AKVIS NatureArt is an excellent tool for imitating the magnificence of natural phenomena on your photos. The program includes a number of effects: Rain, Sun, Water, Lightning, Clouds, Frost, Rainbow, Aurora, Fire, Ice, Night Sky, and Snow. Add dramatic nature effects to your photo, change the weather on it! With NatureArt you can become a wizard!


AKVIS Neon AKVIS Neon 6.1 - Glowing Drawings from Photos

AKVIS Neon lets you create amazing glowing lines effects. The software transforms a photo into a neon image that looks like drawn with luminescent ink.


AKVIS PhotoBook AKVIS PhotoBook - Software for Creating Photo Books

AKVIS PhotoBook is fully customizable software for making high-quality photo books and photo albums using the page templates created by professional designers exclusively for this program. It's a fun, easy, and touching way to keep your memories for years to come!