Refine Edges

The Refine Edges feature (available for Deluxe and Business licenses) is extremely helpful for quick editing edges of selections or cutout objects.

Initial CutoutRefine Edges
Refine Edges


Using tools and parameters in the Settings Panel, adjust the edges of the selection area.

Specify the type of an area to change. Choose Selection to change the selection outline, or Cutout to tweak the edges of the extracted object.

In the Preview pop-up menu, select how the selection/cutout will be displayed in the Image Window when editing.


The Refine Radius tool allows you to more accurately define the refinement area. Use the Eraser tool to edit the selection.

Adjust the edges using the following parameters:

Press OK to apply changes, or Cancel to close the options.

Click the Reset button to discard all changes made in this mode and set the parameters to the default values.


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