Making Selections

AKVIS SmartMask lets you mask objects on images and remove backgrounds. SmartMask makes even a difficult selection as easy as pie. Now, you can spend less of your time on selection of objects and more of it on creativity.

To make selections use the tools in Auto and Manual modes. Different tools will appear on the Toolbar, depending on the chosen mode. The tools' parameters are shown in the Settings Panel or in a pop-up box after right-clicking in the image window.

You can start working with any mode, but it's better to use them sequentially: first Auto, then Manual. If you switch to the automatic mode and run the image processing again, the result of using the smart brushes will be lost.

With simple images using the pencils in Auto mode or the Quick Selection tool in Manual mode are often enough to produce a professional-looking result.

Read more about the tools in AKVIS SmartMask:



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