For the Mother's Day: Family Archives Restoration

Would you like to make an original present to your mother or grandmother for Mother's Day?
Restore their old photos from the family archives!

Below is an old photo sent to us by Chuck Croom. He is now engaged in the restoration of his family archives and we believe AKVIS Retoucher will be of help to him.

Compare the three photos below: the original photo covered with stains and scratches, the retouched photo and the retouched photo converted in sepia tones.

Family photo Retouched photo Retouched photo in sepia tones

We will retouch the photo using AliveColors and the AKVIS Retoucher plugin.

We have retouched the family photo.

Note: To convert the photo into sepia tones you should activate the Actions palette, select the command Vintage Effect from the list and press the Play button in the lower part of the palette.

You can also add colors to the photo using AKVIS Coloriage. Follow the link to see how this photo would look in color.


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