Oil Painting Effect

AKVIS OilPaint creates oil paintings from photos. The unique algorithm authentically reproduces the technique of an artist's brush. The mysterious transformation happens right before your eyes, creating a piece of art that looks like a handmade painting.

Original Photo Oil Painting
Oil Painting from Photo


In the Express workspace mode, you see only six parameters in the Settings Panel. Switch to the Advanced mode to open all tabs of the parameters and all tools.

Adjust the effect parameters in the Painting tab. You can change the photo-to-painting conversion settings in the Image and Strokes tabs and apply the additional edge processing in the Edge tab.


The Image tab defines the overall look and style of an oil painting.


In the Strokes tab, you can change the parameters of a brush stroke.


In the Edge tab, you can set the parameters of the additional edge processing of the oil painting. With this effect, you can imitate raw canvas edges or frame the image with an original border of colored strokes.

Note: This additional edge processing is only available for Home Deluxe and Business licenses.


Add Strokes. Enable the check-box to draw additional strokes along the edges of the image.

Check-Box Enabled
Adding Framing Strokes

Number of Strokes (1-100). It determines the number of the brush strokes along the edges.

Small Number of Strokes
Number of Strokes = 10
More Strokes Added
Number of Strokes = 60

Stroke Thickness (0-100). It adjusts the width of the brush strokes.

Thin Strokes
Stroke Thickness = 5
Wide Strokes
Stroke Thickness = 80

Max Stroke Length (10-100). It defines the maximum stroke length.

Short Strokes
Max Stroke Length = 10
Long Strokes
Max Stroke Length = 55

Edge Smoothness (5-100). It adjusts the transparency of the stroke edges.

Hard Edge
Edge Smoothness = 10
Soft Edge
Edge Smoothness = 90

Hair Thickness (15-50). It defines the width of the brush hairs in each stroke. At lower values, the brush hairs are sharp and thin; at high values, they are wide and smooth.

Fine Hairs
Hair Thickness = 15
Thick Hairs
Hair Thickness = 50

Stroke Color. Enable the check-box to draw strokes of a specified color. Disable the check-box to use the background color.

Check-Box Disabled
Stroke Color Disabled
(Using Background Color)
Check-Box Enabled
Stroke Color Enabled
(Using White Color)

Relief (0-100). It makes the framing strokes look more prominent.

Flat Strokes
Relief = 10
Strong Relief
Relief = 90

Ellipse. Enable the check-box to arrange the strokes in the form of an oval.

Rectangular Frame
Ellipse Disabled
Oval Frame
Ellipse Enabled

Click the Random button to set the settings of the additional edge strokes randomly.


With the advanced licenses (Home Deluxe, Business) you can also use these tools:


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