Autumn Romance

The author of the example is Alberto De Donno.

Pictures taken in haste are often of poor quality and have no special meaning. Such images are usually deleted at the time of preview. However, you can combine several photos together and edit them to get an outstanding result. Just a few interesting details completely change the visual impression of an image.

Source Photo
Source Photo


Look at the following photo (picture 1). The gray background contains a lot of irrelevant details that distract the attention from a young couple.

Original Photo
Picture 1

Let's find a suitable romantic place for this loving couple!

I found a photo with a long alley which is lighted with the autumn sun (picture 2).

Autumn Alley
Picture 2

Colors and the entire composition of the image are good. But there are no meaningful objects and I thought that our young people might look more interesting at the beginning of the path.

Using the Clone Stamp tool in the image editor put the couple into the foreground of the second picture.

The result is shown in the picture 3.

Picture 3

The resulting collage is pretty nice: we have a warm background and the eye-popping characters. It remains to turn the collage into an oil painting to give it a romantic ambiance and hide cloning defects.

I used AKVIS OilPaint that offers a rich variety of settings for converting any photo into an oil painting.

Guiding Lines for Oil Effect
Picture 4

Use the Stroke Direction tool to make the strokes more realistic (the tool is only available for Home Deluxe and Business licenses). Choose a preset that generates intensely colored relief strokes.

Start the processing with the Run command in the bar at the top right or use the hot keys Ctrl+R, and the result appears in a few moments.

Processing in AKVIS OilPaint
Picture 5

The oil painting pierced with sunlight looks brighter compared with the original photo.


AKVIS OilPaint adds expressiveness to the image and amplifies the desired romantic atmosphere. The painting looks like created by the hand of an artist. It makes you sense the warmth of the autumn sun, imagine the feelings of two people and feel the romance of their unhurried walk.

Oil Painting
Picture 6
(click to enlarge)


The quickest and easiest way to learn the features of the programs is to experiment with them. It can trigger your imagination as well.

Add the Canvas effect or a text; use different painting styles by selecting presets or adjusting parameter settings.

Make sure that the processing result correctly reflects your feelings and corresponds with your artistic intention.

We wish you much success and happy experimenting!


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