Charcoal & Chalk Drawing

AKVIS Charcoal transforms your photos into charcoal and chalk drawings. Sketching with charcoal is an easy and fun technique. Using charcoal and chalk is an expressive drawing style.

Charcoal is one of the most popular materials for drawing. It lets you create a preliminary sketch as well as a complete work of art. It combines the advantages of different materials. Depending on how you hold the charcoal, you will get sharp clear lines or wide loose strokes.

Chalk is similar in texture and appearance to pastel. In its traditional white color, chalk is used to highlight bright areas in an image, add accents, and give your picture volume.

Using both tools you can create professional-looking expressive black and white images. It's also possible to play with colors to achieve outstanding artistic effects, such as sanguine, sepia, or others.

Charcoal & Chalk Drawing Charcoal & Chalk Drawing
Charcoal and Chalk Drawing from Photo

Adjust the effect settings in the Drawing tab:


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