Skin Smoothing in AKVIS MakeUp

Skin Smoothing

In Smoothing tab, you can improve a portrait by removing small imperfections on the skin. The program intelligently recognizes the face on a photo and creates a mask with the skin tone areas. It's possible to modify the tone mask to only the areas you want to process.

Hint: To enhance the effect, edit the tone mask using the Keep Area tool . Find more information about the mask correction tools here.


Adjust the Smoothing settings:


Tone Mask

There are two ways to create a tone mask: Auto and Manual. In the first method the program detects the area of the face automatically, while the second method requires you to manually select the skin color which the program will use as a basis for creating the mask.

You can enable the Keep Colors check-box to use this color set for all presets.

Creating a Mask
Creating a Mask

When an image is loaded into the program a face mask is created automatically. This mask is used during the skin correction process. By default, the mask is Invisible. To view the mask on a White, Black, or Transparent Background, select the appropriate option from the drop-down list.

Show Mask Modes
Mask View Modes

Mask on a White Background
Mask on a White Background
Mask on a Black Background
Mask on a Black Background
Mask on a Transparent Background
Mask on a Transparent Background


Making the mask visible allows you to see exactly where processing will be applied, and the mask correction tools , , become accessible.


You can manually modify the auto-mask by choosing colors on the portrait with the eyedropper.

Left-click over one of three square cells. The cell will then contain a dotted selection, and when the cursor is dragged over the image it will take the form of a eyedropper.

To select a color just click with the eyedropper over the face. Double left-clicking over a cell opens the color selection dialog. Right-clicking a cell removes its color.


For Deluxe and Business licenses, it's possible to edit the mask with the tools (example):

The tools' option:


Adjust the Tone Mask parameters:


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