Improve Detail Mode

In Improve Detail mode, the program brings out details in an image, in both shadows and highlights.

Image Correction in Improve Detail mode Image Correction in Improve Detail mode
Image Correction in Improve Detail mode


Follow the instructions below to process the image in Improve Detail mode:

Adjust the value of the Preview parameter.

The Preview parameter is an auxiliary tool, it does not influence the real size of the image. The original image will stay the same and all details of the original image will be kept. This parameter speeds up the pre-processing stage when one tries different settings to obtain the best result.

When the HQ option is selected, the processing parameters are applied to the image in its original size. The processing time will increase but the preview quality will be as high as possible. If you select the Fast option, the preview size is smaller than the original image by 8 times. The processing time will decrease accordingly, but the result will be approximate. For intermediate values, the preview size is 2 and 4 times smaller than the original image.


Adjust the image correction parameters. All changes are applied automatically.


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