Revealing Details in Dark Parts of Photos with AKVIS Enhancer

Show Detail in Shadows

The author of the example is Sanjeev Saha, New Delhi, India. He writes:

AKVIS Enhancer improves an image and gives a new look to a snap taken in the dark or without flash. It seems that the only right decision is to move your dark photos to the trash. But do not hurry! Let's try to improve them.

Here are some photos which the author picked from (photos sharing site). The result after using AKVIS Enhancer impressed him. None of the photo editor's tools can perform the same result.


Then the author tried the plugin on another image taken without flash.

Original Dark Photo
Original Dark Photo

Adjust the parameters to brighten up the picture. The result is mindblowing!

Enhancement Result
After Correction


And this one. After using AKVIS Enhancer you can see every detail of the screen which covers the building.

Original Dark Photo
Original Image
Result After Correction
After Correction


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