The Golden Pavilion: Correction in Lab Color Space

The author of the tutorial is Manfred Zobrist.

The photo of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto/Japan was processed in the Lightness channel of the Lab color space.

"The original photo of the Golden Pavilion is too dark. I tried to keep the delicate cloud pattern in the sky, but consequently the photo came out underexposed. It was strictly prohibited to use tripods, so I could not take several shots with different exposures. The Highlights/Shadows in Photoshop did not deliver the desired effect. Finally I tried the AKVIS Enhancer plugin and it was able to cope with the problem and improve details both in dark and light parts of the photo."

Original Image

Here is the result. Not only are the green plants on the left visible, the woods in the background are easier to discern. The gold of the pavilion shines and even the lower part of the pavilion (not gilded) is visible too. What the author likes about the result is that no details in the sky have been lost.


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