Fresh Strawberries

The Tone Correction mode in AKVIS Enhancer is useful when you want to increase or decrease the brightness of a particular color in an image.

We'll demonstrate this with a photo of strawberries.

Original Image Result

Open the image.

Original Image

First let's try to enhance the color of the berries. Do this by dragging the red color from the initial color set into one of the empty sets.

Color Sets

The selected color set will be highlighted in white. Let's adjust the settings for this color set.

Increase Highlights to 70, and Radius to 45. This results in rich, dark berries. The color of the leaves has not changed.


Now let's make the color of leaves darker. Drag the green color into another free color set.

Color Sets

For the set with green, increase Highlights to 90.

Press to apply the settings to the entire image. The leaves appear darker and richer and overall the picture looks more natural.


In this way, strengthening or weakening specific colors in an image can lead to different and quite pleasant results.


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