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November 15, 2022
AKVIS Watercolor Video 1.0: New Artistic Plugin for Video Editors (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS Watercolor Video creates animated cartoons that look like painted with watercolor on canvas. Graphic designers, video makers and content creators will surely appreciate the diversity and the flexibility of the plugin. It allows adding a vibrant feel to any video or give it a light airy touch. Get more eyes on your video content!

AKVIS Watercolor Video offers two filters: Watercolor Video Classic and Watercolor Video Contour.

The plugin can be used with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Vegas Pro, EDIUS Pro 9, and Natron.

Download AKVIS Watercolor Video 1.0 and try the plugin during the 30-day trial period.

The new product comes in Home ($ 49) and Pro ($ 69) versions. Learn more.


November 7, 2022
New Software! AKVIS PhotoBook 1.0: Photo Books & Albums for Any Occasion (Press Release, PDF)

The brand new program has been released!

AKVIS PhotoBook 1.0 (akvisphotobook.com) is fully customizable software for making high-quality photo books and photo albums. It's a fun, easy, and touching way to keep your memories for years to come!

The new software allows you to generate photo books using the page templates created by designers exclusively for PhotoBook. You can add clipart images, labels, inscriptions, and other embellishments to make a unique and inimitable photo book filled with priceless memories. Extend the program's functionality by adding themes - PhotoBook's thematic design sets.

Download AKVIS PhotoBook 1.0 and start creating your digital memories!

The new product comes in Free (non-commercial use) and Business (commercial use, $ 69) versions.
Learn more about the software.


August 29, 2022
AKVIS Watercolor 7.0: New Contour Watercolor Style (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS Watercolor is widely used, powerful software for creating digital artworks with the watercolor painting technique. It easily turns photos into watercolor paintings.

Version 7.0 provides the brand new Contour Watercolor style of photo to art conversion, that imitates a mixed method of painting, very close to the "dry-on-wet" watercolor technique. It allows you to simulate a combination of watercolor paint and pencils. The new style comes with a wide range of ready-to-use presets.

Now the software offers two styles for rendering watercolor paintings. The previous effect is available as Classic Watercolor.

Give your photos authentically watercolor look!

Download AKVIS Watercolor 7.0 and try all its features during the 10-day trial period.

Read how to update to the latest version.


August 10, 2022
New Classic Frame Pack: Keep Your Precious Memories in an Eye-Catching Way! (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS extends the frame pack product line by introducing the brand new Classic Pack ($17). The new set includes 100 stylish image frames, 50 horizontal and 50 vertical templates in various classic designs.

These universal photo frames will be helpful when making a family history book, creating an impressive slideshow, spicing up your social media snapshots, giving a more finished look to your digital masterpieces, etc. They are perfect for vintage scrapbook layouts and anniversary cards. Find a perfect companion for any photo! See the thumbnails.

To use the AKVIS themed frame packs, you need the AKVIS Frames free program or AKVIS ArtSuite (standalone).

Download the pack into the program: Frame Packs Manager -> Reload List -> Classic Pack -> Download.

Learn how to install and activate the frame pack.


July 11, 2022
Overlay Effects II: Blend Your Photos with Lovely Frames! (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS extends the series of frame collections and launches a new pack of templates.

New Overlay Effects II pack ($19) includes 100 decorative templates, ready-to-use and professional-level designs, in both landscape and portrait modes. With a wide range of beautiful multipurpose patterns in this collection, it's easy to get inspired and quickly add artistic effects to your images. The new pack is a sequel and complement of the first collection of Overlay Effects. Make your pictures tender, cute, or simply breathtaking! Create eye-catching digital compositions and collages!

AKVIS Frames has been updated as well! It's a free photo editing program designed for use with the AKVIS frame packs. Version 7.2 offers the improved processing of transparent templates and bugs fixes. Download program free of charge.


June 23, 2022
Massive Update of All AKVIS Image Editing Programs (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS announces the update of all image editing programs. All software are now compatible with M1 Macs!

Major updates are available for AirBrush 8.0, ArtWork 13.0, Draw 9.0, Chameleon 12.0, Neon 6.0, Points 6.0, Retoucher 12.0, Sketch 25.0. The new versions of these products introduce the redesigned user interface as well as functionality, compatibility, and stability improvements. Sketch 25 is inspired by users' requests and includes the new Presets Gallery with long-waited live preview.

The other software offer minor updates with some improvements and bug fixes.

The free programs (Artifact Remover AI 2.1, Frames 7.1) have also been updated.

Find the list of changes on the What's New page for each software and in the Notifications Panel in the program workspace.

Download the updated versions for Windows and macOS.

Read how to update AKVIS software.


June 1, 2022
Nature Effects in AKVIS NatureArt 12.0: New Interface, M1 Support (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS NatureArt adds stunningly beautiful natural effects to photos. It is possible to change the weather and mood of an image or create a new picture from scratch. Spice up your photos with dramatic natural phenomena!

Version 12.0 introduces the redesigned user interface, allows using the premium effects in the Home version with a watermark, adds native support for Apple M1 processors, and includes some compatibility and stability improvements. Make spectacular images with NatureArt 12.0!

Download AKVIS NatureArt 12.0 and try all its features during the 10-day trial period.

Read how to update to the latest version.


May 25, 2022
AKVIS Video Plugins: Apple M1 Compatibility!

All video editing plugins by AKVIS now offer the native support for Apple M1! The filters allow you to stylize videos with various painting and drawing techniques. Transform your movies into true masterpieces!

AKVIS AirBrush Video applies spray painting effects to videos imitating airbrush drawing technique.

AKVIS Charcoal Video offers charcoal and chalk drawing techniques for videos.

AKVIS Neon Video transforms videos into shining animations that look like drawn with luminous paint.

AKVIS Sketch Video converts videos into animated cartoons, simulating pencil drawing techniques.

The recently released AKVIS OilPaint Video plugin (oil painting effect for videos) works on M1 macs as well.

Download the video editing plugins for Mac.


May 13, 2022
New AKVIS OilPaint Video 1.0: Oil Painting Technique for Movies! (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS OilPaint Video allows you to apply oil painting techniques to compositions and movies. Your videos will look like they could have been created by an artist.

Use the filter to make great family videos, striking music clips, video games, advertising and promo videos, and other projects. Create incredibly engaging video content! Turn your videos into art!

The plugin can be used with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Vegas Pro, EDIUS Pro 9, and Natron.

Download AKVIS OilPaint Video 1.0 and try the plugin during the 30-day trial period.

The new product comes in Home ($ 49) and Pro ($ 69) versions. Learn more.


April 7, 2022
AKVIS Frames 7.0 & New Easter Pack II: Spring Mood for Your Photos (Press Release, PDF)

We are glad to announce an update of AKVIS Frames, a free photo decorating program, and a launch of a new Easter-themed frame pack.

AKVIS Frames 7.0 includes the Favorites tab, redesigned Frame Packs Manager, and other improvements. The new version makes decorating photos even more effective and entertaining. Turn your everyday photos into art with exclusive frame templates!

Download program free of charge.

Easter Pack II includes 100 cheerful picture frames in pastel and vivid colors embellished with spring florals and Easter decorations. Choose from a variety of ready-to-use templates to create a professional-quality photo book or a personalized slideshow. Surprise your family with a unique and memorable gift! Bring the spring's beauty to your photos!

The new pack sells for $17.


March 30, 2022
AKVIS Charcoal Video 1.0: Charcoal & Chalk Effects for Videos! (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS expands its product line with the release of the new software!

AKVIS Charcoal Video applies charcoal and chalk drawing techniques to videos. The plugin creates animated cartoons drawn with charcoal, chalk, or with both tools. You can also apply sanguine, sepia, and others drawing effects. Spice up your footage with artistic effects!

Download AKVIS Charcoal Video 1.0 and try the plugin during the 30-day trial period.
The plugin works with the most popular video editing programs on Windows and Mac.

The new product comes in Home ($ 49) and Pro ($ 69) versions. Learn more.


March 16, 2022
AKVIS Enhancer 17.5: Brighten up Photos and Reveal Details! (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS Enhancer is powerful image editing software that is useful for revealing details, fixing dark photos, adjusting tones, contrast, and brightness. It is a handy and fast tool to drastically improve images.

Version 17.5 provides the redesigned interface. The update also offers file saving options for Batch Processing, support for new RAW formats, as well as compatibility and stability improvements. Bring out the full potential of your photos!

Download AKVIS Enhancer 17.5 and try all its features during the 10-day trial period.

Read how to update to the latest version.


March 3, 2022
AKVIS Artifact Remover AI 2.0: New Neural Networks (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS Artifact Remover AI enhances compressed images, eliminating JPEG artifacts and noise. This free program uses machine learning algorithms to get rid of defects. Save your photos and give them the best quality!

Version 2.0 offers the new neural networks for the Low Compression and High Compression modes. The program now gives better results, it removes defects and artifacts and produces high-quality images without color changes. Also, the update provides the CUDA-powered module as a separate download, file saving options for Batch Processing, compatibility with the latest versions of Adobe and Corel photo editors, and other changes. Enhance your JPEGs with cutting-edges technologies!

Download AKVIS Artifact Remover AI 2.0!

The update is free for all customers!


February 14, 2022
AKVIS OilPaint 10.0: Improved Oil Painting Effect! (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS OilPaint turns images into oil paintings, authentically imitating the work of an artist's brush.

Version 10.0 implements a completely new photo-to-painting algorithm. The new processing method even more closely simulates real oil painting techniques. The new algorithm is faster than ever. The update also offers a huge UI overhaul and redesign, a new Presets gallery, and other important improvements. Follow your imagination and render your photos into digital paintings!

Download AKVIS OilPaint 10.0 and try all its features during the 10-day trial period.

Read how to update to the latest version.


January 19, 2022
AKVIS Noise Buster AI 12.0: AI-Powered Noise Reduction Technologies! (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS Noise Buster AI efficiently removes digital noise and grain in images. The software reduces both luminance and color noise without spoiling other aspects of the photo. Obtain professional-quality photos in any shooting conditions!

Version 12.0 provides trained neural networks to get rid of digital noise and enhance images. The update also includes a redesigned user interface, support for RAW files of new cameras, and significant improvements in compatibility, performance, and stability. Enhance your grainy photos with the most advanced technologies!

Download AKVIS Noise Buster AI 12.0 and try all its features during the 10-day trial period.

Read how to update to the latest version.


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