Toy World: Creating the Tilt-Shift Effect

Toy World

Tilt-Shift effect makes a photo of a full-scale object or scene look like a toy. Usually this effect is achieved with special lenses, but we will obtain the same result using AKVIS Refocus.

For best results, use a photo where the point of view is several meters above the subject or scene. There should be many small objects in the scene: buildings, people, cars, etc. The sky should not be visible.

We'll show you 2 ways to create a tilt-shift image in AKVIS Refocus: using Tilt-Shift mode or using Refocus mode.


Method 1. Image processing in Tilt-Shift mode.


Method 2. Image processing in Refocus mode.

This time we chose a photo of a small square taken from a ferris wheel.

As you can see, it's easy to make a Tilt-Shift effect with AKVIS Refocus!


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