Glow Lines Effects in AKVIS Neon

Glow Lines Effects

AKVIS Neon transforms a photo into a drawing created with glowing lines. The program brings outstanding visual effects to images making them look like painted with light.

Original image Glow Lines Effect
Glowing Drawing from Photo
(Hover the mouse over the picture to see the original image)


Adjust the effect settings in the Image -> Effect tab.

Along with the basic parameters, you can use the auxiliary settings to boost the effect. The configurations of these two groups operate in a similar mode but will be applied at different stages of the image processing.


Detail / Extra Detail (0-100). The parameter defines the amount of lines which create a drawing.

Detail = 15 Detail = 70
Detail = 15 Detail = 70

Color Variety (0-100). When increasing the parameter, additional colors and shades will appear in the image. The higher the value of the parameter, the brighter and more saturated they become.

At the Detail value = 0, changing the parameter does not affect the image.

Less Shades More Shades
Color Variety = 30 Color Variety = 90

Glow Intensity / Extra Glow Intensity (1-100). The parameter lets you adjust the strength and brightness of the glow effect.

Glow Intensity = 20 Glow Intensity = 80
Glow Intensity = 20 Glow Intensity = 80

Image Blur / Extra Image Blur (2-25). The parameter modifies the degree of smoothing of the image. It simplifies the image and reduces the influence of the edges and contours of the original picture on the result.

Image Blur = 5 Image Blur = 15
Image Blur = 5 Image Blur = 15

Darken / Extra Darken (0-100). The parameter adds darker shades to the image and fills the areas with black.

Darken = 15 Darken = 60
Darken = 15 Darken = 60

Sharpen Detail / Extra Sharpen Detail (0-100). The parameter strengthens the sharpness of the lines.

Sharpen Detail = 10 Sharpen Detail = 60
Sharpen Detail = 10 Sharpen Detail = 60

Inversion / Extra Inversion. If this check-box is enabled in any group of the parameters, the image appears more blurry, and the Darken option works contrariwise, i.e. lightens the image. With a double inversion, when both check-boxes are activated, light glow lines turn into dark contours.

Without Inversion Double Inversion
Without Inversion
(both check-boxes are disabled)
Double Inversion
(both check-boxes are enabled)
1st Inversion 2nd Inversion
1st Inversion 2nd Inversion
(one of the check-boxes is enabled)


The Adjustment tab is used for quickly tuning the obtained result.

Brightness (-100 to 100). The parameter defines how the image is illuminated. At higher values the image is brighter while at lower values it is darker.

Brightness = -50 Brightness = +50
Brightness = -50 Brightness = +50

Contrast (-100 to 100). The parameter increases (at values greater than 0) or decreases (at values less than 0) the difference between light and dark areas of the image.

Contrast = -50 Contrast = +50
Contrast = -50 Contrast = +50

Saturation (-100 to 100). The parameter changes the intensity of color from a neutral gray to the brightest color.

Saturation = -80 Saturation = +80
Saturation = -80 Saturation = +80

Colorize (0-100). This option lets you add a color tint to the image. You can select a color from the dialog box which opens by double-clicking on the color plate or pick from the image with the eyedropper that is activated by a left-click on the plate. Adjusting the parameter you can change the degree of color mixing. The maximum value gives a monotone, single color, effect.

Original Colors Adding Yellow Tint
Original Colors
(the check-box is disabled)
Adding Yellow Tint
(the check-box is enabled, value = 90)


The Hue group contains the settings to manipulate colors without affecting the image brightness.

Shift in Light (-180 to 180). The parameter changes only light pixels.

Red Yellow
Shift in Light = -90 Shift in Light = +90

Shift in Dark (-180 to 180). The parameter changes only dark pixels.

Red Yellow
Shift in Dark = -90 Shift in Dark = +90

Total Shift (-180 to 180). The parameter adjusts all the colors in the image.

Original Colors Greenish Hue
Total Shift = 0 Total Shift = 125


With the Hatching parameters you can add the pencil hatching effect to the image.

Intensity (0-100). The parameter sets the strength of the effect.

Weak Effect Strong Effect
Intensity = 35 Intensity = 100

Stroke Length (0-100). The parameter changes the length of the strokes that allows you to achieve different results: from stippling with dots to hatching with long straight lines.

Short Lines Long Lines
Stroke Length = 30 Stroke Length = 100

Angle (-90 to 90). The parameter sets the pitch angle of the strokes (in degrees).

Changing Direction Changing Direction
Angle = -60 Angle = +25


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