With the impressive Sand effect, you can burst an image and scatter it into grains of sand and dust.

Original Image Sand Effect
Sand Effect

The effect allows you to deform the selected area. Use the selection tools: Selection Brush , Lasso , Eraser , Selection Bucket . The Transform tool lets you change the selection size and position.


Effect Parameters:

The effect is created by Waves, Particles, and Smoke. For Waves and Smoke, it's possible to adjust the transparency.


In the Layer Blend Mode drop-down list, adjust how the effect interacts with other effects in the intersection area.

Compare Layer Blend Mode and Effect Blend Mode (in both cases - Hard Light):
Normal Hard Light Blend Mode for Layer
Layer Blend Mode: Hard Light
Normal Hard Light Blend Mode for Effect
Effect Blend Mode: Hard Light


Waves Tab


Particles Tab


Smoke Tab


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