Resurface an Object on a Photo with AKVIS Decorator


You can apply a new texture to the selected object. Adjust the parameters in the Settings Panel in the Texture tab.

Texture Tab

The built-in Texture Library has a great variety of textures. To open the Texture Library you should double-click with the left mouse button on the square with a texture. All textures are divided into groups: stone, fabric, flowers, etc. To select a pattern you should first select a group from the group tree and then double-click the required texture with the left mouse button.

You can also use your own textures. To load your image as a texture into AKVIS Decorator, you should open the Texture Library, press the button and select your texture in the dialog box.

To come back to the Settings Panel without selecting a texture, just press the button .

Texture Library


Adjust the Angle, Scale and сolor of the selected texture.

Adjust the parameters that influence the way the texture is applied to the object:

Сlick the Reset to Default Settings button to restore the original settings.


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