You can recolor the selected object. Adjust the parameters in the Settings Panel in the Color tab.

Color Tab

You can select a color from the Color Palette or from the Select Color dialog box. To select a color from the Color Palette just left-click on any color of the palette. The selected color will be shown in the color rectangular on the right.

Click on the color rectangle to activate the eyedropper tool, double click to open the selection color dialog.

Select Color

In the Color tab there is also a mini-palette (empty cells) where you can keep custom colors. To save a color in the mini-palette, just drag this color from the color rectangle on any cell of the palette (even if the cell is not free). To select a color from the mini-palette, just left-click it with the mouse. To remove a color, right-click it.


Adjust the parameters that influence the way the color is applied to the object:

Сlick the Reset to Default Settings button to restore the original settings.


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