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AKVIS ArtWork 14.0 — Photo to Painting Styles: New Stencil Effect

March 9, 2023 — AKVIS announces a major update of AKVIS ArtWork, photo to painting software with a wide variety of artistic effects. Version 14.0 offers the brand-new Stencil effect, an instant preview of presets, and support for Linux.

AKVIS ArtWork makes it easy to perform digital art from photos. It applies artistic techniques to images. With this program, users get at their disposal a whole arsenal of creative tools and styles. The software perfectly imitates the most popular painting and drawing techniques: Oil, Watercolor, Gouache, Comics, Pen & Ink, Linocut, Pastel, Pointillism, and the brand-new Stencil effect presented in the latest update.

Version 14.0 makes the program even more productive and convenient.

The new Stencil effect converts an image into a stencil drawing. The program allows users to make an expressive monochromatic print. It's possible to add midtone areas and apply a hatching or pop art pattern. The new effect is available for all licenses and equipped with a series of ready-to-apply presets.

The update offers a long-awaited feature - an instant preview for presets in all effects. Users can see the quick result for the presets in the preset preview pop-up window. The new version also supports for Linux and provides a series of improvements and bug fixes.

Download AKVIS ArtWork 14.0 from and try its exclusive features. The 10-day free trial is fully functional and offers all effects of the software to try.

AKVIS ArtWork is available as a standalone application and a plugin filter for graphics editors: AliveColors by AKVIS, Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro, Affinity Photo, and other compatible image editing programs. The software runs on Windows 7-11 (32/64-bit), macOS 10.12-13.0 (64-bit), and Linux OS (64-bit). AKVIS ArtWork supports a multi-language interface.

The product comes in Home, Home Deluxe, and Business versions (lifetime licenses), with differing levels of functionality. The Home license (7 effects) sells for $ 72, Home Deluxe license (9 effects) is available for $ 99, the Business licenses (9 effects) - for $ 189 for commercial use. The update is free for users who bought the software in the last 12 months. Users, whose licenses are older and are not valid for the new version, can get AKVIS ArtWork 14.0 for only $14.95. For more details about the software, please visit


AKVIS ( specializes in the development of photo & video processing software. Since the company's launch in 2004, it has released a wide selection of successful multi-platform products. The company always keeps up with the times, updates its products with cutting-edge technologies, and launches innovative, inspiring products.


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