Pastel Effect Presets

AKVIS Pastel includes a number of ready to use Presets which help you start working. They can be applied "as is" or can be modified.

When moving a cursor over an AKVIS preset in the drop-down list, the sample appears in the small window near the list.

Presets Field in AKVIS Pastel

All tabs of settings have the common list of presets. When a new preset is created it will be available in all tabs and will contain their settings.

To create a preset, adjust the settings, type a name for the preset into the field, and press Save.

To return to the default settings of the selected preset, press Reset.

To delete a preset, choose it from the drop-down list and press Delete.

The AKVIS built-in presets cannot be removed.


Add a preset to Favorites by clicking on next to the list of presets. The selected preset will be marked with a red heart .

You can save your presets to a .pastel file with . To load presets from the file use .

Read more how to import and export user presets.


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