Noise Reduction with AI

AKVIS Noise Buster AI uses specially trained neural networks to eliminate digital noise from photos.

Source Image Noise Removal
Noise Removal

Noise on a color picture can be divided into luminance noise and color noise. Luminance noise is perceived as dark dots or small blots, color noise represents color spots on areas having a different color. Another name for color noise is chroma noise. The program removes both luminance and color noise, as well as jpeg compression artifacts.


Adjust the parameters in the Settings Panel.

Noise Level. The program uses neural networks to remove digital noise and enhance images. Select the noise suppression mode that suits your photo best:

Original Photo with Noise
Original Noisy Photo
Weak Noise Mode
Weak Noise Mode
Strong Noise Mode
Strong Noise Mode



Optionally, you can refine the result obtained by the neural network. When the Post-Processing check-box is enabled, the image will be automatically processed to remove residual defects. You can also use the post-processing parameters:

Edge Intensity (0-100). The parameter makes the edges more clear and well-defined.

Weak Edge Intensity
Edge Intensity = 0
Increased Edge Intensity
Edge Intensity = 100

Sharpness (0-100). This parameter changes the clarity of the image by enhancing the contrast between pixels.

Smoothed Image
Sharpness = 0
Increase Sharpness
Sharpness = 100


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