Hand Painted Photo Frames in AKVIS ArtSuite

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Tutorial: AKVIS ArtSuite

Hand Painted Frame


The Hand Painted Frame provides images with one or more areas of various shape. A photo fragment can be placed in these transparent areas to make a framed photo.

Frames for photographs

These frames were made by professional artists exclusively for using in AKVIS ArtSuite.
Also, they can be used with AKVIS Frames (free software).


The Hand Painted Frame is only available in ArtSuite Standalone.

The default frame pack comes with the program. Also, you can download the free set of frames or purchase frame packs with different themes (wedding frame pack, frames with a travel theme, etc.). Each frame pack is a zip file. Do not open the file yourself. Copy it to a folder. It will only work in ArtSuite/Frames.

In addition, you can create and use your own frames.

Working with a Hand Painted Frame is a little different than with other frames and effects in the program. In addition to choosing a frame you can work with multiple images. In the Library and additional frame packs are frames in which you can insert two images, with out the need for cropping or other time-consuming editing.

Hand Painted Frame


Follow these steps to add a photo to a Hand Painted Frame:

  • Step 1. Open the source image: press the button in the Control Panel and choose one or more images (the photographs which we want to frame).

    The thumbnails of the uploaded images are displayed under the Image Window. The selected image is also shown in the Image Window under the Hand Painted Frame.

    The thumbnails of the uploaded images

    The active image (which you are currently using) is outlined with a gray line. To choose another image simply left click on it.

    If too many images are opened, they can be removed from the list: choose the unnecessary images and press the button or the Delete-key.

  • Step 2. Select a frame pack in the list of the installed packs.

    Hand Painted Frames Library
    List of packs: Default Pack selected

    In the list of the frame packs you can see the Default Pack (it goes with the program) and all additional frame packs which you downloaded and installed.

    You can switch between packs by selecting their titles.

    When you select a pack one of the frames from it becomes visible on the square button. This button lets opening the Library.

    Sample of Frame

    Click on the square, you will see all frames in the selected frame pack (for example, in Default Pack).

    Then select the desired photo frame by clicking on it in the Library.

      Hint: You can also use your own frames. They can first be prepared and saved in any folder on your computer. An image used as a frame must have one or more transparent areas of any shape and must be saved in PNG format.

      To load your own frame in AKVIS ArtSuite, select <Custom>… at the bottom of the list, and choose a frame (a PNG image with a transparent area).

  • Step 3. The program will automatically choose the first image in the Source Image Window to place in the frame.

    Images placed into the frame automatically

    If the Hand Painted Frame has more than one area for photos and the default order of images (which is chosen automatically) within the frame is not as desired (an image is not in the correct area), you can change it manually:

    Place images into the frame  manually

    Choose an image in the Source Image Window, and then while pressing and holding the left mouse button, drag the desired image into the frame.

    You can also place an image in an area by double-clicking it with the left mouse button.


    Transferring photos to a frame by double-clicking is more useful when a frame has only one area. If there is more than one area, the program will choose a photo based on its aspect ratio in relation to the area. For example, horizontal photos (which have greater width than height) would be placed in horizontal areas, etc.

  • Step 4. To change the size, the position, and the rotation angle of every image relative the Hand Painted Frame:

    Adjust the image to the frame

    To reposition an image in the frame, bring the cursor into the selected area and left click (the cursor's shape will change to that of perpendicular bilateral arrows ) then, while keeping the left mouse button pressed, drag the cursor.

    To resize an image in the frame, bring the cursor to the edge of the selection box (the cursor will change shape to that of a bilateral arrow ), and after pressing and holding the left mouse button, drag the cursor to increase or decrease the size of the image.

    To rotate an image, bring the cursor near to a corner marker of the selection box (the cursor will change to the shape of elliptical double arrows ), press the left mouse button and while keeping it held, move the cursor.

  • Step 5. When all adjustments to the images are done, press the button to start processing.
  • Step 6. To save the final result press the button and in the Save As dialog window enter a name for the file, select the file type (TIFF, BMP, JPEG or PNG) and choose a folder in which to save the file.


    When working with a frame, the original photos are converted to its format. Therefore, if the frame's format is RGB/8, the photos will be converted to this format also. Keep this in mind when creating your own frames.


    Additional frame packs (except the Free Pack) must be registered!

    Read the instuctions for registering a frame pack.

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