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You can send a message to the AKVIS team. Use the form below or send email to support@akvis.com.


Feel free to ask any question. We're here to help you.

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Free technical support

The tech support is available for free for our customers. The staff works from 9.00am to 6.00pm (GMT +5), Monday to Friday.


Questions about your order:

You can directly contact to the store:
PayPro: Customer Support
+ 1-866-933-4313 (Toll free)
+ 1-646-873-6857 (International)
Cleverbridge: Customer Support
+ 1-866-522-6855 (USA)
+ 0800 8620377 (UK)
+ 49 221-222 45-45 (Germany)
+ 1-312-922-8693 (International)


Lost your license number?

If you have lost your serial number for AKVIS software, restore it here.


Use information at the web site:

Please read our Tutorials to learn how to use the programs, Installation and Activation instructions. Watch AKVIS video tutorials.

We always try to respond to your emails as soon as possible.

To get a faster response, please help us by providing as much information about your problem, including:

  • the operating system you use;
  • your computer's system specifications: memory, processor, etc;
  • screenshots displaying the problem or error messages would also be helpful.

Please allow at least one business day to hear from us.


Our products are also discussed in AKVIS page on Facebook and on AKVIS Forum.
If you are an expert in AKVIS tools or have a question, or want to share your pictures, you are welcome to our Community!


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