Frequently Asked Questions About AKVIS Software for Image Processing

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Frequently Asked Questions



Free technical support

The tech support is available for free for our customers. The staff works from 9.00am to 6.00pm (GMT +5), Monday to Friday.


Questions about your order:

You can directly contact to the store:
PayPro: Customer Support
+ 1-866-933-4313 (Toll free)
+ 1-646-873-6857 (International)
Cleverbridge: Customer Support
+ 1-866-522-6855 (USA)
+ 0800 8620377 (UK)
+ 49 221-222 45-45 (Germany)
+ 1-312-922-8693 (International)


Lost your license number?

If you have lost your serial number for AKVIS software, restore it here.


Use information at the web site:

Please read our Tutorials to learn how to use the programs, Installation and Activation instructions. Watch AKVIS video tutorials.

Please read the answers. If you haven't found the answer to your question below, feel free to contact us.


  • I installed the program. However, I can not find it anywhere!
  • The AKVIS image processing programs are available in two editions: as plugins and as standalone programs.

    AKVIS Plugins are installed into the Plugins folder of your photo editor (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo Paint, Paint Shop Pro, Photoimpact, etc) and then can be called from the photo editor's interface (the menu item Filter or Effects).

    For example, if you have Adobe Photoshop CS6, the plugin is installed into:

      Program files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Plug-Ins for Windows or

      Application/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Plug-Ins for Macintosh.

    To open the program in Photoshop you should select the menu item Filter -> AKVIS -> Plugin (for example, SmartMask).

    Exception: AKVIS Magnifier Plug-in. You will find it among the Automation tools. In Photoshop: File -> Automate -> AKVIS Magnifier.

    If the plugin does not appear in the image editor or you do not know how to install it, consult the tips on how to install plug-ins into Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro Photo or PhotoImpact, or write to us.

    Note: The standalone applications are launched in the standard way, as an independent program.
    If you do not have an image editor to add plug-ins just use the standalone versions.


  • How to use the trial version?
  • All AKVIS programs are shareware, it means that they are based on the principle "try before you buy". Make the best of the free trial period to learn the features of the software!

    The trial version is fully-functional, it is only limited by the trial period of 10 days for image editing software, 30 days for video editing plugins.

    Just download the software and install it. You do not need to register it to try.

      !!! When the trial period is over, the program will not work. To activate the software you will need to buy a license key.


  • How can I buy AKVIS software?
  • The information about prices and types of licenses is available here: AKVIS Pricing.

    You can buy a license for our products online using the secure payment system.

    For this purpose:

    1. Select the AKVIS product you want to buy;
    2. Choose a type of license and add your choice to the Cart;
    3. You will be re-directed to the purchase page. Fill in the form.
      The online store offers a number of payment methods - by credit card, bank transfer, by post, etc;
    4. Once the form is filled in and the transaction is completed, you will get a license key (serial number) to your e-mail within minutes.

      Having a serial number you can activate the program. Follow the instruction to activate the program.


  • I run the program, but it says that my license "doesn't allow to use Standalone (Plugin only)". What's happened?
  • The AKVIS software products are available in two editions: as plugins to image editors and as standalone (independent) applications.

    If you see the message "Your license doesn't allow to use Standalone (Plugin only)" it means that you registered the program with the license key for the plugin edition. Then run your image editor and launch the plugin from the Filters/Effects menu, in Photoshop: Filter -> AKVIS -> Plugin (for example, Chameleon, Retoucher, etc); or, if you use Magnifier: File -> Automate -> AKVIS Magnifier.

    If you do not have any image editor that supports AKVIS plugins we can change your license (make it work for the standalone edition instead of the plugin) - but only for those programs where the standalone edition is available. Please contact our team.

    If you want both editions you may find the Home Deluxe license useful. It allows you to register both plugin and standalone and enjoy all features of the software. If you want to upgrade your Home license to Home Deluxe just open the Product page and select the Price section (for example, for AKVIS Sketch it is this page). Select Upgrade to Home Deluxe in the order form and press "Order".



  • I have lost my serial number! How to restore it?
  • If you have lost your serial number for AKVIS software or have never received it,

    just enter your e-mail address in the form at this page, and your key will be sent to you.


  • When I launch the program I get an error message saying "Can't initialize hardware accelerator". What should I do?
  • All AKVIS programs require a video card compatible with DirectX (8 or above), see the system requirements (for example, for Sketch).

    If you get this error message it means that either your video card is old or you do not have any driver. Please check Direct X and the driver for your card. If needed, reinstall them.

    If your card is new and cool and you have Direct X, but still get this error, the problem may be related to the display settings. Please check them up:

      1. Display Properties - Settings. Press Advanced.
      Troubleshoot tab. Hardware acceleration must be selected: Full (open the screenshot).

      2. Have a look at the settings of Direct X.
      In the Display tab please ensure that all features are enabled.

    If this solution doesn't help please contact us! It would be helpful if you send us the log files (AKVIS.log and crash.dmp) - you will find them in the folder AKVIS in Users Shared Documents. Also, please tell us which video card you use.


  • Will my serial number be valid if I re-install the operating system or format the hard drive?
  • If you install the same operating system, there will be no problem. You will just need to re-install the AKVIS program and enter your serial number. You can also do this after a hard drive format.

    If you do have problems with the program activation, please, contact us at


  • I bought a license. On how many computers can I activate the software?
  • One license (Home, Home Deluxe or Business) allows activating the software on 2 computers (for example, on a desktop and on a laptop).


  • When does my license expire? - Never!
  • When you buy AKVIS software you get a Lifetime license.

    Your license never expires. You can always download your version of the product and use with your license key.

    The license includes free technical support.


  • Will my license work with new versions?
  • When you buy AKVIS software you get a Lifetime license and free new versions for 1 year.

    You can download and use new versions which will be released during one year from the 1st activation of your license.

    After the period is expired, you still can use the software with your license, but you can't upgrade to the new version for free. Your license will not expire, but you will stop receiving updates.

    To get newer versions after that period you can buy 1 Year of Updates. You will get the latest version and all subsequent releases which will be available in the course of the next year.


  • I don't know how to use the program. Where can I find the documentation?
  • If you have installed the program, you can find help files in the main menu, for example: Start/Programs/AKVIS/Enhancer/Help.

    If you are working with the program you can call Help by pressing the button F1.

    You can also see AKVIS software tutorials in the Tutorial section of the web-site.

    You can download flash-tutorials and the program manuals (as pdf files) in the Downloads section of the web-site.


  • Where can I find the minimal system requirements for AKVIS programs?

    Go to the product page, for example, for AKVIS Magnifier: Products -> Magnifier, then select the item System Requirements in the right menu.

    You will see the minimal and recommended system requirements for all supported OS.

    Also the information about supported languages is available there.


  • Can I get the software for free?
  • Our software is shareware. You can download and use it 10 days free of charge. When the trial period expires you have to buy a license key.

    However, it is possible to get a free license key if you take your time and create an interesting Tutorial using our software or submit your own article for our Tips and Tricks section.

    Also we give a free license for translation of our text to other languages.

    Read more about these opportunities.


  • Can I watch video tutorials for AKVIS software?
  • Watch all videos from our YouTube channel. Subscribe AKVIS video channel!


  • What is AKVIS? What kind of products does it develop?
  • AKVIS is a software developing company. It specializes in graphics programs and scientific research.

    The company was founded in 2004 by IT professionals having considerable experience in programming and software development.

    The company is developing a line of unique photo and video editing software products.

    You can find more information about AKVIS programs in the Products page.


  • I want to become your affiliate, sell your software, cooperate with you.
  • Would you like to become an affiliate and earn a commission? Click here to get more information about AKVIS affiliate program.

    Contact us at We are always glad to discuss new opportunities and ideas.


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