How to register AKVIS software

We took the AKVIS MultiBrush registration as an example. Other AKVIS programs are registered in the same manner.


You can buy the software online. The store supports different payment options: credit card, bank transfer, etc. When the form is filled in and the payment is made, the serial number will be sent to you within minutes.

Having received the serial number you can proceed to the program registration.

Attention! During the activation process your computer must be connected to Internet.
If it is not possible, we offer you an alternative way (see below for Offline Activation).


Follow the steps below to register the program:

Note: In case you have chosen activation by mail, you should put the file MultiBrush.lic (that you will receive enclosed in the e-mail) into the folder AKVIS in Users' Shared (Public) Documents:

Do not try to open the license file (it won't work), just copy it!


If your computer is not connected to Internet

If your computer can not be connected to Internet, follow the instructions below:


If you have questions, please contact us.