In AKVIS Points you can observe the conversion of your photo into a pointillism painting in real time. During the process, the program creates a list of intermediate shots which represent different stages of conversion — from a semi-processed painting to a practically finished work of art. This useful feature lets you create variations of artworks without changing the effect settings.

The Timeline is displayed at the bottom of the main window.

AKVIS Points
AKVIS Points

Attention: The Timeline feature can only be used by owners of Home Deluxe and Business licenses. Note that everyone, even with a Home license, can get a semi-processed image using the Stop button in the progress bar.


Start conversion of your photo into a painting by pressing the button . You will see shots appearing at the bottom of the window in the course of processing.

You can also take snapshots of your favorite moments with the button right of the progress bar. When you press it the painting in its current state will be added to the list; such manual shots are selected with the blue frame.

Image Processing
Image Processing

If you press the Stop button in the progress bar, image processing will be interrupted.

Browse the shots in the Timeline to find the image you like most. If you want to get back to your final result, click on the last shot in the list.

Variants of Painting
Variants of Painting

When you change the parameters and re-run image processing, the Timeline will be cleaned up and will start being filled up with new shots. You can save some of the variants by pinning them with a double click. In the upper corner of the selected shot appears the icon .

You can switch between the shots, change the settings and re-start processing - the pinned result will remain in the list. It's possible to unpin it with a double click.

Pinned Shot

Attention! Loading a new image into the program removes all shots, including pinned.



After using the post-processing tools , and , switching to another image in Timeline will result in the loss of changes made with the tools. You can save the result under a new name and continue working.


You can hide/show the Timeline in the program's preferences . If the Timeline Shots option is enabled, you can set the number of the shots created during image processing.

Program's Preferences


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