Layers Palette in AKVIS MultiBrush

Layers Palette

The Layers palette lets you work with layers (sets of pixels which can be edited separately) and groups of layers.

"Layers" Palette
"Layers" Palette

The palette contains a list of layers. Until an image is opened in the program or a new document has been created, this list will be empty.

The active (editable) layer will be highlighted in gray in the list. To choose another layer, click on its name or thumbnail. To choose multiple layers, click on them while holding Ctrl. To choose all layers between the active and chosen layers, while the active layer is highlighted, click on the chosen layer while holding down Shift.

To rename a layer, double left-click on the layer's name next to it's thumbnail, then enter a new name and press Enter.

To the left of a layer’s thumbnail is a visibility indicator /, which can be used to temporarily hide or show the contents of a layer. Editing tools cannot be used on a layer when its visibility is switched off. To switch a layer's visibility left-click on the indicator.

Layers are either Raster or Artistic. Each type of layers has its own set of tools (Std or Art in the toolbar). An artistic layer will be labelled Art on its right side (see the screenshot above). Also, there is a Text layer which is used for adding text. To use the standard tools on an artistic/text layer you need to rasterize it first.

The order of the layers can be changed by dragging them up or down while pressing the right-mouse button.

Right-clicking on a layer opens a menu of commands. The menu’s contents may vary depending on the type of layer and the number of selected layer.

Command Menu


To the right of a layer’s name there is a lock icon. Click on it to open a menu with the buttons which represent various levels of protection of the layer from changes.

Lock Menu
Lock Menu


Double-clicking on a layer’s thumbnail opens the Blending Options menu. Close the menu by pressing Esc (changes will be ignored) or by clicking outside of the menu window (changes will be saved).

The Blending Options menu looks like this:

Blending Options


If you click on the word Art on an artistic layer in the list, the Layer Properties menu will open:

Additional Parameters for the Artistic Layer


The buttons at the bottom of the palette are used as follows: