Hot Keys

Some operations are faster and easier to perform with the keyboard, using so called "hot keys".

You can activate a tool by clicking on its icon with the mouse, change the size with the same mouse, or use keyboard combinations, which greatly speed up work. Hot keys are configured for the current set of tools.

How to customize your hot keys:

Below is a list of hot keys which work with AKVIS MultiBrush.


Ctrl+Z+Z Undo the previous action
Ctrl+Y+Y Restore the previous action
+ or Ctrl++ + or ++ Zoom In
- or Ctrl+- - or +- Zoom Out
Ctrl+O +O Open an image
Ctrl+S +S Save the image
Ctrl+N +N Create a new image
Ctrl+P +P Print the image
F1F1 Help
QQQuickly switch between the tool sets in the Toolbar
                    Navigate around the image (when the space bar is held down the Hand tool is active)
Ctrl+D +D Deselect
Ctrl+A +A Select All
Ctrl+Shift+I ++I Invert Selection
Ctrl+C+С Copy to the clipboard
Ctrl+V+V Paste from the clipboard
VVSwitch between the Selection tools
Alt+COption+C Crop
  Standard Tools:
BBColor Brush
PP Color Pen
EESwitch between Eraser and History Brush
SSClone Stamp
HHChameleon Brush
RRSwitch between Blur, Sharpen, and Smudge
LLSwitch between Lighten, Darken, and Saturation
Artistic Tools:
BBOil Brush
FFFelt-tip Marker
PPArtistic Pencil
AAArtistic Spray
EEArtistic Eraser
  Tools Options:
[ and ][ and ]Change a tool's size (decrease and increase in increments of 5px)
Alt+DOption+D Reset the tool to default settings
Shift+click+click Draw straight lines with pencils and brushes (only on the raster layer)