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AKVIS Magnifier AI 12.0: Efficient Image Upscaling up to 800%

February 13, 2023 — AKVIS announces a major update of Magnifier AI, image upscaling software. Version 12.0 includes new neural networks presented in the program as Standard and Intensified modes, as well as support for Linux, minor bug fixes and improved stability.

AKVIS Magnifier AI is powerful image resizing software that allows to enlarge images with quality improvement. Featuring advanced neural networks based algorithms, Magnifier AI upscales pictures to super-high resolution up to 800%.

Version 12.0 provides much better quality, allows users to get excellent results without color and line distortions and unnecessary details. The update includes two new AI-based modes: Standard and Intensified.

Magnifier AI - Standard. This algorithm is recommended to process photos saved in good quality without noticeable noise and compression artifacts. In this mode, the software enlarges images, preserving details and texture, enhancing contrast, and providing a natural result.

Magnifier AI - Intensified. This algorithm works exceptionally well with artworks, illustrations, images with text, low-resolution images from the Internet, pictures with artifacts and noise, and for preparing super-large prints. In this mode, the program enlarges images providing noise removal and defects compression features, creating uniform areas, emphasizing yet smoothing edges on a picture.

In different cases, different methods work better. The choice of a neural network depends on the original image quality, as well as on the desired result. Now the program allows users to get any image in excellent quality.

The update includes minor bug fixes and improved stability. Also, a version for Linux-users is now available.

AKVIS Magnifier AI 12.0 is available for download at The 10-day free trial is fully functional and allows everyone to evaluate the program without activation.

This AI-powered program has a user friendly, multilingual interface. Magnifier AI runs on Windows 7-11, macOS 10.12-13.0, and Linux OS, 64-bit. On Windows and Mac computers, users can apply the software as a standalone application and as a plugin in Adobe Photoshop. On Linux it's only possible to use the standalone program.

AKVIS Magnifier AI 12.0 comes in Home, Home Deluxe, and Business versions (lifetime licenses), with differing levels of functionality. The Home license sells for $ 89.00 and includes all features for non-commercial use.

The update is free for users who bought the software in the last 12 months. Users, whose licenses are older and are not valid for the new version, can get Magnifier AI 12.0 for only $14.95. For more details about the software, please visit


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