Results of Easter Contest 2021: Winners' Stories

Easter Contest 2021

❀ April 7 - Contest Results ❀

We are summing up the results of the Easter Contest!

We have received a lot of inspiring stories! It was hard to choose one. We enjoyed each of them. Thank you for sharing with us!

And now, we are glad to announce the name of the.... winners!

We have three winners: Greg Collins, Carolyn McIntosh, Antonio Esposito.

Congratulations! ❀❀❀

Thanks to everyone for participating!

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Take a look at the winners' stories:

Dear Akvis,

I really love Akvis Sketch. It is such an amazing product with so many incredible features. Sketch has helped me to produce and sell beautiful works of art. I love to converting photographs into watercolor art pieces, and a key component of that magic is having great lines. This is where Sketch comes in. Akvis Sketch is simply the best product on the market for producing the outlines I need to create a believable finished product that wows an audience and makes them want to buy. The process is simple and the results are outstanding. Thank you so much, Akvis! You make my life easier! Everyone should be using the spectacular Akvis Sketch!

With love,
Greg Collins, Digital Artist
Sketch Effect


I am submitting this photo as an example of using Akvis Sketch to achieve the artistic look I had in my mind's eye. The original photo had been taken in a pumpkin patch and was not all that interesting. I wanted to bring an airiness and a softness to the photo. Ever so pleased with the results.

Carolyn McIntosh
Sketch Effect

Compare: Original and Result.



Trasmetto una mia foto per il concorso pasquale, avevo bisogno di un effetto particolare per partecipare ad un contest in Gurushots dove sono Master. Quindi ho scattato questa foto a dei tagete e con l'ausilio di Alivecolors ed il plugin integrato Neon ho applicato un effetto di elettrificazione. Il risultato è piaciuto molto e molti che non conoscono l'effetto mi chiedono come ho fatto ad applicarlo.

Spero di aver fatto cosa gradita e grazie per l'opportunità offerta da questo concorso.

Faccio anche i miei complimenti perchè siete una delle poche software house che organizzano questi concorsi.

Cordiali Saluti e naturalmente Buona Pasqua.
Antonio Esposito
Neon Effect


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