AKVIS Raffle 2019: Subscribe and Win $ 100!

AKVIS Raffle: Subscribe and Win $ 100!


April 19, 2019 - RAFFLE RESULTS

It's time to announce the lucky winner! And the prize goes to…

Congratulations to the winner and many thanks to all participants!

We are happy to introduce a new and exciting raffle. This time, you have a chance to win a $ 100 voucher* to use at our online store!

AKVIS Raffle: Subscribe and Win $ 100






Enter your email address, check both subscription options, accept the Privacy Policy, and click Subscribe.

You can check your subscription status in the Customer Room (in the Newsletter tab).

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@akvis.com.


*The prize cannot be exchanged for its cash equivalent and the value can not be compensated if the total amount is not used.