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AKVIS ArtWork 11: Photo to Painting Software. New Pointillism Style!

August 7, 2018 — AKVIS announces ArtWork 11, an artistic software designed to imitate different painting techniques. Version 11 offers the brand new Pointillism style that uses distinct dots of colors to form an image. Also, the new version includes the Notification Panel and support for more RAW files.

AKVIS ArtWork is the perfect virtual artist that applies different painting styles to digital photographs: oil painting, comics, pen and ink drawing, watercolor painting, pastel, linocut, etc. You can create a piece of art out of any image: from self-portraits and landscapes to wedding photos and still lifes. Just install the software and start the creative process!

Version 11 introduces the new Pointillism style (Deluxe/Business) that goes back to George Seurat, Paul Signac, and Vincent van Gogh. This artistic technique is based on putting distinct dots of color next to each other to form a larger image. Pointillism allows the viewer's eye to see both the whole and the parts as one.

The Notification Panel added in the recent version is designed to keep users informed about the latest product updates.

Also, the new version offers support for new RAW files and minor bug fixes.

Download AKVIS ArtWork 11 and try all features of the software during the 10-day trial period.

The software runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Mac OS X 10.7-10.11 and macOS 10.12-10.13. The product is available as a standalone application and as a plugin filter for AliveColors, Adobe Photoshop and other image editors.

AKVIS ArtWork, Home license, sells for $72. One license key allows activating and using the software on two computers. Consult the official website for more details about license types and prices of the software.

The update is free for users who bought ArtWork in the last 12 months. Users, whose license is older and is not valid for the new version, can get ArtWork 11 for only $14.95.


AKVIS ( specializes in development of video & image processing software. Since the company's launch in 2004, it has released a number of successful products: standalone applications and Photoshop plugins for Windows and Mac.


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