What's New in AKVIS OilPaint 8.0: Artistic Edge Effects, 3D Frames

AKVIS OilPaint 9.5 | Oil Painting Effect

What's New in Versions 8.0, 8.1

AKVIS OilPaint is a fun and versatile photo-to-painting software that turns any digital photo into a handmade oil painting masterpiece. Version 8.0 makes your creative projects even more unique by adding the new Edge tab that applies artistic edge effects to the painting. Also, the recent version offers the 3D frames, the integrated Notification Panel, new built-in presets, and some bug fixes. AKVIS OilPaint is a must for people seeking some creative inspiration!

AKVIS OilPaint 8.0


In Version 8.0:


In Version 8.1:


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Free Update:

The update is free for recent buyers of OilPaint who bought or upgraded this program during the last 12 months. Just install and re-activate the software.

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Paid Update:

If your license is not valid for the free update:

► You can buy 1 Year of Updates for OilPaint for only $14.95.

► You can buy 1 Year of Updates for all your licenses for $39.95.

► Or upgrade your Home/Deluxe license by paying only the difference in cost and get all the features + 1 Year of Updates for FREE as a bonus:

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