Using AKVIS File Format in AKVIS MultiBrush

AKVIS Format

The software offers the special AKVIS format which lets you losslessly save a working draft of your project into a file.

Click on and select AKVIS Document (*.akvis) from the Format list. To load the file use .

The AKVIS file contains the state of the image at the moment it was saved, all layers (raster, artistic, text) and groups, with their properties, and manually created checkpoints added during your work (in History).


The AKVIS format provides helpful opportunities to work with files:

  1. saving a document structure (layers, their groups and properties);
  2. saving artistic and text layers without rastering them;
  3. saving checkpoints (the possibility to revert to a previous state) - for Deluxe/Business versions;
  4. saving a selection;
  5. saving guidelines;
  6. saving the original image (creating a checkpoint or a background layer's copy).


We recommend you to use the AKVIS format to save a draft or a backup copy.
You can save the final result using JPG, TIFF, PNG formats, to be able to share it.