Improving Detail on Images with AKVIS Enhancer

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Tutorial: AKVIS Enhancer

Improve Detail Mode


In Improve Detail mode, the program brings out details in an image, in both shadows and highlights.

Image Correction in Improve Detail mode
Image Correction in Improve Detail mode
(Move your mouse over the image to see the original version)

Follow the instructions below to process the image in Improve Detail mode:

  • Step 1. Once this mode is selected the photo is automatically processed with the last used parameter values (the first time - with the default values). The result is shown in the After tab.

    Image with Default Settings
  • Step 2. Adjust the value of the Preview Size parameter.

    This parameter sets the image size at the preliminary processing stage and can have the following values: 1, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8. At value = 1, the program processes the image in its original size. At value = 1/2, it is reduced twice, at value = 1/4 by 4 times, at value = 1/8 by 8 times. The processing time is reduced accordingly.

    It is an auxiliary parameter and does not influence the real size of the image. The original image (its height and width) will stay the same.

    This option lets you speed up the pre-processing stage when trying different settings to obtain the best result. It is useful on photos which do not require close attention to every detail, when it is enough to see the general outcome.

      Note: Once you have changed the image correction parameters, it is recommended to process the image with Preview Size = 1 to make sure that the best settings are chosen.

  • Step 3. Adjust the image correction parameters. All changes are applied automatically.
    • Shadows (0-50). The parameter strengthens shadows in the image. Increasing the value makes dark areas even darker.

      Shadows = 5 Shadows = 40
      Shadows = 5 Shadows = 40

    • Highlights (0-50). The parameter lightens the image. Increasing the value makes light areas even lighter.

      Highlights = 5 Highlights = 40
      Highlights = 5 Highlights = 40

    • Saturation (-50..50). The parameter changes the color intensity of the image.

      Saturation = -25 Saturation = 25
      Saturation = -25 Saturation = 25

    • Gradient Contrast (0-50). The parameter helps to mildly increase the contrast in gradient areas making the image more prominent and expressive.

      Gradient Contrast = 10 Gradient Contrast = 50
      Gradient Contrast = 10 Gradient Contrast = 50

    • Level of Detail (0-50). The parameter defines the amount of detail. The higher the value, the sharper the outlines, and the more details are revealed in the image.

      Level of Detail = 5 Level of Detail = 45
      Level of Detail = 5 Level of Detail = 45

    • Threshold (1-10). The parameter defines which parts will be intensified when increasing the level of detail. At low values the program reveals all details in the image, at high values small details will not be changed.

      Threshold = 2 Threshold = 10
      Threshold = 2 Threshold = 10

    • Lightness (0-20). The parameter helps to illuminate dark areas. As you increase its value, the image becomes lighter.

      Lightness = 5 Lightness = 20
      Lightness = 5 Lightness = 20

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