Perfect Lighting: Bringing Out Detail in a Dark Photo with AKVIS Enhancer

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Tutorial: AKVIS Enhancer

Perfect Lighting: Bringing Out Detail


The author of this tutorial is Werner Demuth, Germany.

Werner writes: "I want to show in this example how AKVIS Enhancer (plugin version) along with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 can correct a photo taken in poor light."

    Original Dark Photo Result of Correction
    Original Dark Photo Result of Correction
  • Step 1. Open the dark image in the graphics editor.

    Original Image in Graphics Editor
  • Step 2. Call the AKVIS Enhancer plugin from the filter menu: Filter -> AKVIS -> Enhancer.

    The image will be corrected in Improve Detail mode with the default settings:

    AKVIS Enhancer - Default Settings

    Werner wanted to brighten the photo even further, so he changed the parameters to his liking.

    Changing Settings
  • Step 3. Click to accept the result and return to the graphics editor. You will see the corrected image.

    Werner wrote that he was surprised by how well the program brought out colors and details.

    "Of course in some areas (especially in the shadows) some noise appeared, which I had to correct in the graphics editor. I also improved the tone and sharpness but this is not necessary. For those interested, the following steps detail what I did next."

  • Step 4. Call Filter -> Adjustments -> Equalize from the menu and change its Opacity to 32%.

    Get a more uniform distribution of pixel brightness
  • Step 5. Reduce noise with the AKVIS Noise Buster plugin: Filter -> AKVIS -> Noise Buster.
  • Step 6. Slightly increase the image's sharpness with the High Pass filter: Filter -> Other -> High Pass.

    Note: A similar result can be obtained with AKVIS Enhancer in Prepress mode, or, alternatively, with AKVIS Refocus in Refocus mode.

    Applying the High Pass filter sharpens the image
How It Works How It Works
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   — Comparison of Modes — Comparison of Modes
   — Post Processing — Post Processing
   — Batch Processing — Batch Processing
   — Preferences — Preferences
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