AKVIS Sketch Video in Adobe Premiere: Pencil Drawing Effect Presets

Pencil Drawing Effect Presets in Adobe Premiere

User Presets

You can save your favorite settings of AKVIS Sketch Video as a preset.

Select the effect, choose Save preset… with a right mouse click, and enter its name. New user effects will appear in the Effects panel under Presets.

User Presets in Premiere Pro


AKVIS Presets

You can import the AKVIS presets manually.

  1. Select Effects -> Import Presets...

    Import Presets
  2. Choose the SketchVideoClassic.prfpset, SketchVideoArtistic.prfpset, and SketchVideoEsquisse.prfpset files:

    Windows: from C:\Program Files\AKVIS\Sketch Video\Premiere Presets;

    Mac: from Premiere Presets in the dmg file.

    Preset Import on Mac

    The AKVIS presets will appear in the Effects panel, in the Presets -> Sketch Video Classic/Artistic/Esquisse folder.

    Preset Import

In Adobe Premiere Elements importing .prfpset presets is not supported.


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