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New Travel Pack II: Keep Your Vacation Memories Alive!

September 19, 2023 — AKVIS announces the release of Travel Pack II. The new set includes 120 versatile picture frames to creatively memorialize vacation highlights. All AKVIS frame templates are created by professional artists and illustrators specifically for use with AKVIS software products.

The collection of picture frames by AKVIS has been replenished with a new pack.

The brand new Travel Pack II offers 120 ready-to-use templates in both landscape and portrait orientations.

The new frame pack will be an eye-catching addition to any vacation photos making them stand out. There is a suitable frame for any travel photo, whether from a leisurely resting on the sugar-sand beaches or from visiting European historical sites, museums, and scenic spots. The pack includes references to various travel destinations from all over the world: France, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, India, Mexica, and many others. The inspiring templates can be used to customize a vacation photobook, create a honeymoon photo album, or simply highlight social media pictures.

Now, AKVIS offers 78 themed frame packs sorted by categories: Hobbies & Interests, Styles & Trends, Holidays & Events, Seasons, Countries, and Family. The new frame pack joined the Hobbies & Interests group.

The frame packs can be used with the AKVIS Frames program (available for free) and with AKVIS ArtSuite (standalone version) on Windows 7-11 (32/64-bit), macOS 10.12-13.0 (64-bit), and Linux OS (64-bit).

The new Travel Pack II sells for $19. All 78 themed frame packs by AKVIS are available in the discounted bundle for $380, an average of $4.87 per pack.

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