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New Monocolor Frame Pack: A Kaleidoscope of Colors for Your Photos!

February 19, 2019 — AKVIS announces the new picture frame collection for AKVIS Frames and AKVIS ArtSuite - Monocolor Pack. The new frame pack consists of 50 horizontal and 50 vertical templates inspired by different colors and their vibrancy.

AKVIS has released a new set of frames - the Monocolor Pack, designed exclusively for use in AKVIS Frames (freeware) and AKVIS ArtSuite (Standalone version). The set includes 100 monochrome picture frames of excellent quality.

Thousands of colors fill our world. Their meanings vary from culture to culture but some similarities also exist. Red symbolizes passion, energy, and courage. Pink signifies femininity and romance. Yellow stands for sunshine, light, and warmth. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow and is reminiscent of autumn harvest. Blue is the color of water and the sky and symbolizes confidence and harmony. Green conveys nature and life. Purple represents royalty and aristocracy. White stands for peace, purity, and innocence. Black is associated with elegance, power and mystery.

Use these bright picture frames by AKVIS to decorate your photos! Each frame represents a certain color: vivid red and solar yellow, rich magenta and flaming orange, emerald green and cobalt blue, royal purple and vibrant aquamarine, smoky gray and midnight black. Make your photos extra-colorful!

See the frame miniatures at

AKVIS offers a wide range of frame pack collections with different themes and styles: along with the Hobbies and Interests category, there are Holidays and Events, Family, Four Seasons, etc.

AKVIS Frames and AKVIS ArtSuite run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 - 32-bit, 64-bit; Mac OS X 10.11 and macOS 10.12-10.14 - 64-bit.

The new Monocolor Pack is available for only $17.


AKVIS ( specializes in the development of image and video processing software. Since the company's launch in 2004, it has released a number of successful products for Windows and Mac.


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