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New Light Effects Frames: Make your Photos Sparkle!

July 18, 2023 — AKVIS announces a launch of the new Light Effects pack including 100 exclusive picture frames for any occasion. All AKVIS frame templates are created by professional artists and illustrators specifically for use with AKVIS Frames and AKVIS ArtSuite.

AKVIS is pleased to announce the expansion of the frame pack collection.

The brand new Light Effects pack includes 100 ready-to-use templates in both landscape and portrait orientation.

The new frame set is a great addition to one's image editing arsenal to add a touch of shine and sparkle to digital photos. The artists-made picture frames are decorated with a variety of light overlays: romantic twinkling stars, dreamy bokeh rings, luminous garlands, elegant neon flowing stripes, dramatic sun flares, magic glitters and sparkles. The bright templates can be a fun and vibrant way to add personality and flair to everyday photos. They blend perfectly with any photo due to transparent and semi-transparent areas and make it look soft and sophisticated or bold and vibrant - depending on the selected frame.

The field of the application of the frame pack is limited only by user's imagination: it is possible to decorate any photo, add visual interest to a presentation or simply embellish a social media page.

Now, AKVIS offers 77 themed frame packs sorted by categories: Hobbies & Interests, Styles & Trends, Holidays & Events, Seasons, Countries, and Family. The new frame pack is included in the Styles & Trends group.

The frame packs can be used with the AKVIS Frames program (available for free) and with AKVIS ArtSuite (standalone version) on Windows 7-11 (32/64-bit), macOS 10.12-13.0 (64-bit), and Linux OS (64-bit).

The new Light Effects pack sells for $19. All 77 themed frame packs by AKVIS are available in a bundle for $380, an average of $4.93 per pack.

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