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New Emoji Frames: Add Fun and Flair to Your Photos!

May 14, 2024 — AKVIS is pleased to announce the launch of a new collection of frames to express yourself creatively and have fun! The Emoji Frames pack includes 100 high-quality frame templates that will add a lively touch to your photos and make them stand out.

The AKVIS frames assortment has been enriched with a new bright set! The Emoji Frames pack contains 100 eye-catching colorful frames, 50 horizontal and 50 vertical templates decorated with smileys, hearts, winking eyes, likes, thumbs up, and other cute icons. Add more personality and emotion to your photos!

The world has really gone emoji crazy - who can deny the charisma of these little funny faces that make messaging so much fun? Used initially in digital communication to pepper plain text, these cute artistic symbols can now enhance any type of visual content and make it stand out. Bright expressive emojis are a great way to add visual interest and a personal touch to your photos. You can capture not just a life scene, but also highlight its mood and atmosphere.

The Emoji frames make it simple to add more color and emotional clarity to your images. You can easily visualize your thoughts and indicate that you are feeling happy, content, excited, romantic or even a bit flirty. Emojis can do all of that! Complement your photos with smiley faces and create something spectacular!

With this new addition to its collection, AKVIS now offers 81 frame packs in the following categories: Hobbies & Interests, Styles & Trends, Holidays & Events, Seasons, Around the world, Family, and Nature.

The frame packs can be used with the AKVIS Frames program (available for free) and with AKVIS ArtSuite (standalone version) on Windows 7-11 (32/64-bit), macOS 10.12-14.0 (64-bit), and Linux OS (64-bit).

The new Emoji Frames pack sells for $19. All 81 themed frame packs by AKVIS are available in the discounted bundle for $380, an average of $4.69 per pack.

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