Clone Stamp Tool in AKVIS MultiBrush

Clone Stamp

The Clone Stamp tool can clone a part of an image from one part and into another while maintaining the original color range, shadows, and other characteristics of the cloned part. Press S to quickly select this tool.

To clone an object, first select the area to be cloned: do this by first holding down Alt (Option on Mac), and then clicking on the area from which the clone will be taken.

Once the reference point is defined, place the cursor over the area you wish to place the clone. Left-click to apply the clone. When you left-click a cross-shapped cursor will appear over the source image, identifying the original fragment.


The tool's parameters will be shown in a floating box over an image (by right-clicking the mouse) and also in the Settings Panel.

To change the value of a parameter, enter a numerical value in the parameter's field and press Enter (Mac: Return) or adjust the slider.