What's New in AKVIS Enhancer 16: Notification Panel and Interface Improvements

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What's New in Versions 16.0, 16.1, 16.2

AKVIS Enhancer is a professional image enhancement software that allows you to uncover the details that are hiding in the under- and over-exposed parts of an image, adjust brightness in light and dark areas, make an image ready for printing, etc. Version 16 provides the integrated Notification Panel, brings various interface changes including the new Gray interface theme and the Chinese interface language, offers support for new RAW files, as well as other improvements. Enhance your photos with crisp detail and amazing depth!


In Version 16:


Version 16.1 provides compatibility with macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and Photoshop CC 2019 (version 20.0), offers support for new RAW files, and minor bug fixes.


Version 16.2 offers support for new RAW files, the separate Publishing module, a number of bug fixes, and improved stability of the program.


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Free Update:

The update is free for recent buyers of Enhancer who bought or upgraded this program during the last 12 months. Just install and re-activate the software.

Check if you are eligible for a free update in the Customer Room or contact us at support@akvis.com.


Paid Update:

If your license is not valid for the free update:

► You can buy 1 Year of Updates for Enhancer for only $14.95.

► You can buy 1 Year of Updates for all your licenses for $39.95.

► Or upgrade your Home/Deluxe license by paying only the difference in cost and get all the features + 1 Year of Updates for FREE as a bonus:

Learn more about update/upgrade options.


Changes in previous versions: