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AKVIS Pastel

(Giorgiana Arghire, Softpedia, March 28, 2019)

Photos are a great way to preserve memories of the great places you visited on your vacations or the amazing parties you attended, but also of the emotional events in your life.

If you want to show off some of these images, you can also add them a touch of sophistication by converting them to pastel paintings. Due to AKVIS Pastel, your images can be instantly turned into professional-looking paintings without too much effort on your side.

Considering the application features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can get started with generating a pastel image within seconds.

You can customize the output pastel by adjusting various values regarding stroke thickness, intensity and density; the minimum and maximum stroke lengths can also be modified to your liking.

Additionally, you get to alter the paper color if you are looking to obtain a more artistic outcome, while also editing the lightening and smoothing values.


AKVIS Pastel 3.0

(Michael Shaw, MaUsE DoubleClick, 03/2017)

Do you remember the soft pastel crayons that were supplied in high school art class, the bright oily ones that were nothing like Crayola wax crayons, nothing like pencil crayons, and more like a greasy stick of bright smelly pigment ? The colours were so much more vivid than wax crayons and seemed to smear all over the paper. <...>

AKVIS Pastel 3.0 is a scathingly brilliant piece of software that makes it possible for anyone to transform digital images into images that appear to have been rendered by hand using oily pastel crayons. There are at least two miracles here: the first being that it does it so quickly and the second being it it does it so well. Beyond that I have to add that a description with a few illustrations will be a poor substitute for downloading a copy and using it to transmute one of your own pictures, maybe a landscape, a favourite portrait, or a picture of a pet, into a convincing piece of artwork that will have the appearance of being an original hand-drawn oil pastel sketch or scene. <...>

As AKVIS programs go, Pastel is one of the most entertaining and surprising of the bunch, and that is saying a lot.


AKVIS Pastel

(Photoshop Creative 117, 8/2014)

A filter that doesn’t look like a filter! Turn your photos into vibrant pastel artworks

The final effect is a much more life-like representation of a handcrafted pastel image than anything that came before it.


AKVIS Pastel

(iCreate 137, 8/2014)

Transform your photographs into artistic masterpieces with the help of AKVIS’s handy software

There are many reasons why you may want to edit a photograph to make it look like a painting: it looks more artistic, you have control over how it looks, and it’s a lot cheaper than getting a painting commissioned. AKVIS’s Pastel is designed with that one sole aim and delivers on those three fronts.

If you’re not the most artistic person and feel like a satisfactory result may be hard to achieve, then there’s no need to worry – Pastel includes a one-click solution for any users looking for a quick conversion.


AKVIS Pastel transforms your photos into pastel works of art

(Jackie Dove, thenextweb.com, The Creativity Channel, 7/2014)

Pastels — part crayon, part colored pencil, part paint — are not only a great artistic favorite for their intuitive ease of use, but also for their gorgeous look. Even if you’re not an artist, you’re likely have a box of pastels around somewhere.

Now you can use them on Mac or Windows with the new AKVIS Pastel, which converts photos in pastel art.