Crop Tool in AKVIS MultiBrush


The Crop tool allows cutting off an image. It helps to remove unwanted areas, to improve focus, or to make a square from a rectangular or contrariwise. To quickly access the tool use Alt+C.

Select an area you want to keep - drag while holding left mouse button. A rectangular frame will appear over the image, and the tool’s options will be displayed in the Settings Panel. All parts outside of the frame will be cut out.

You can change the size of the area by dragging the markers on the sides and angles of the bounding frame. To constrain the proportions hold down Shift.

To move the frame, place the cursor inside it and drag.

To rotate the area, place the cursor outside the frame, and move it with the left mouse button. If you press Alt, the rotation angle will change in 5 degrees.

Blue markers on the bounding frame indicate where will be the top of the cropped image.

If the frame is beyond the image, the empty area will be filled with a transparent background.

To apply the tool and remove the areas outside the frame, click on OK or press Enter.
To cancel the selection, press Cancel or use the Esc-key.

Tool’s Options: