Spray Tool in AKVIS MultiBrush


The Spray brush imitates spraying paint on an image. It does not apply paint in a continuous layer but rather as droplets scattered along the stroke. Press A to quickly access this tool.


The tool's parameters will be shown in a floating box over an image (by right-clicking the mouse) and also in the Settings Panel.

To change the setting of a parameter, enter a numerical value in its box and press Enter or move the slider.

Paint color is set in the Color/Swatches palettes. To choose a color bring the cursor over the spectral bar (the cursor will take the form of a pipette) and click on the desired color or double-click on the square and choose a color from the Select Color dialog. In some cases choosing a color is more convenient than manually selecting the components of a color with the sliders.

To spray paint along a straight line, Left-click to set the starting point, then hold down Shift, move the cursor, click on and end point and release Shift. If Shift is not released, the line will be drawn following all selected points.