Color Brush in AKVIS MultiBrush

Color Brush

The Color Brush is used to draw free-form lines with soft borders. Using this tool, you can draw either a clear or blurry line, but they will always be soft. Press B to quickly access this tool.


The tool's parameters will be shown in a floating box over an image (by right-clicking the mouse) and in the Settings Panel.

In order to change a parameter's value, enter a numerical value in the box next to a parameter and press Enter (Mac: Return) or adjust the slider.

The color of the brush is changed in the Color/Swatches palettes. To change the color of the brush place the cursor over the spectral strip (the cursor takes the shape of a dropper) and click on the desired color or click on the square and select a color using the standard dialog Select Color. In some cases it may be more convenient to change the color manually, which can be done by adjusting the sliders.

To draw a straight line, first specify the starting point with the left mouse button, then, while keeping Shift pressed, move the cursor to the desired end point of the line and release Shift. If Shift is not released, a new line will be drawn to each point where the mouse is clicked.