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Tutorial: AKVIS NatureArt



Open the Preferences dialog by pressing on . The dialog window looks like this:

AKVIS NatureArt Preferences Window
  • Language. Choose the program language in the drop-down list.
  • Interface Scale. Choose the size of the interface elements. When it is set to Auto, the program workspace will automatically scale to fit the screen resolution.
  • Interface Theme. Select the style of the program interface: Light or Dark.
  • Initial Image Scale. This parameter defines the way the image is scaled in the main window after loading:

      - Fit to View. The scale adjusts so that the image will be completely visible;

      - 100%. The actual size is used, the image doesn't scale.

  • Autorun Mode check box. If this box is checked, any changes will be updated automatically.
    If the option is not selected you must press the button in order to see changes applied.
  • Selection Area. This parameter defines how the selection appears. Please choose one of two variants:

      - "Marching Ants". The selection is enclosed in borders that look like a "running" dashed line. This is the default value.

      - Filled with Color. The selection will be filled with a color.

        By default, it is red. You can change it by double-clicking on the color plate.

        The Opacity parameter allows you to adjust the opacity of the color used to highlight the selection.

    Marching ants Filled with color
    "Marching Ants" Filled with Color

  • Hints Panel. When you hover over parameters and buttons with the cursor you can see a brief description of them in the Hints field. You can choose how the hints will be shown:

      - Under Image Window;
      - Under Settings Panel;
      - Hide.

  • History States (5-100). The size of the memory stack. It limits the number of the undo/redo steps ( and ).
  • Recent Files (only in the standalone version). The number of recent documents. The list of the recent files, sorted by time, become visible by right mouse clicking on . Maximum: 30 files.
  • Use OS File Dialog check-box (only in the standalone version). You can check this option if you want to use the System Open/Save Dialog. By default, the AKVIS File Dialog is used.
  • Lock the Control Panel check-box. It disables the possibility to hide/show the top panel. If the check-box is selected the panel is always visible.

To apply changes made in the Preferences window press OK.

If necessary, you can return to the default settings by pressing Default.

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