The Cat and the Rain - Weather Effects in AKVIS NatureArt

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Tutorial: AKVIS NatureArt

The cat and the rain


The author of the tutorial is J.L. Alcover Lillo (Madrid, Spain).

It is a cold and misty day, and we want to add an effect of rain… or snow.

Original Image Result
Original Image Result

  • Step 1. Select an image and open it in the graphics editor.

    Original Image
    Original Image
  • Step 2. Create a new layer from the background and give it a name ("city" in this example).

    Layers Palette
    Layers Palette with a Background's Copy
  • Step 3. Call the AKVIS NatureArt plug-in (Filter -> AKVIS -> NatureArt from the menu) and choose Rain from the list of the effects.

    Select the areas where you want to apply the Rain effect. It doesn’t matter if the areas are not precisely delimited, the unselected borders and corners will look more opaque, that fits the general effect.

    Selected Areas
    Selected Areas
  • Step 4. Adjust the parameters of the Rain effect or use one of the ready-to-use AKVIS presets.

    Rain Effect Settings
    Effect Settings
  • Step 5. To apply the effect push the icon with the arrow . You can switch between the Before and After tabs to see the difference.

    Rain and Snow
    Rain and Snow
    (Click to see a larger version of the image)
  • Step 6. With the effects in NatureArt we can also create a beautiful sunset (the Sun effect) or, a little more dramatically, make the flooding (the Water effect).

    Other Nature Effects
    Other Nature Effects
    (Click to see a larger version of the image)
How It Works How It Works
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   — Using the Program — Using the Program
   — Presets — Presets
   — Tips & Tricks — Tips & Tricks
   — Preferences — Preferences
Effects Effects
   — Rain — Rain
   — Sun — Sun
   — Water — Water
   — Lightning — Lightning
   — Clouds — Clouds
   — Frost — Frost
   — Rainbow — Rainbow
   — Aurora — Aurora
   — Fire — Fire
   — Ice — Ice
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   — Water Effect on Specific Areas — Water Effect on Specific Areas
   — The Cat and the Rain — The Cat and the Rain


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