Fire Effect in AKVIS NatureArt

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Tutorial: AKVIS NatureArt

Nature Effects: Fire


This effect adds flames to an image. You can create a realistic fire over an object or make a flaming text.

This effect is only available for the Home Deluxe and Business licenses. Compare the licenses here.

Fire effect
Fire Effect in AKVIS NatureArt

The effect is applied in a selected area and extends beyond it. Use the follow tools to make a selection:

  • Selection Brush . This tool is used to highlight areas to which an effect will be applied. You can change the tool's size in a pop-up window which opens with a right mouse click in the image window.

    To get a straight line, draw a line while holding down Shift.

  • Eraser . Use this tool to erase selection areas. You can change the tool's size in a pop-up window.
  • Selection Bucket . The tool fills an area outlined with the Selection Brush (helpful for selecting large areas). If the area was not circled by , the entire image will be selected by clicking with .

      Hint: You can use Selection Bucket in "eraser mode" to erase all selections at the image. Just click the left mouse button while pressing Ctrl.

    Note: The selection indicates an approximate effect area. Sometimes it can be difficult to place a fire into a certain area especially into a small area. When creating a selection take into account that the fire spreads from the center of the selected area upward, left and right.

    Selection Area of effect
    Selection Effect area


The following parameters are available for this effect in the Settings Panel:

  • Flames (5-200). This parameter determines the number of basic components (flames) which make the fire.

    Scattered flame Dense flame
    Flames = 10 Flames = 130

  • Width (1-50). This parameter controls the width of the effect area. It determines the fire distribution within and beyond the selection. It also influences the width of a flame tongue.

    Thin tongues of flame Wide tongues of flame
    Width = 5 Width = 50

  • Height (1-250). This affects the height of the tongues of flame.

    Short tongues of flame Long tongues of flame
    Height = 40 Height = 250

  • Blur (1-50). This controls the clarity of outlines of the tongues of flame. At higher values the softness of the edges as well as the glow intensity increase.

    Sharp tongues of flame Blur flame
    Blur = 5 Blur = 50

  • Distortion (1-100). This parameter determines how curved the tongues of flame will be. The higher the value, the more strongly the flame will be distorted, and the more changeable it will become.

    Steady flame Distorted flame
    Distortion = 30 Distortion = 85

  • Transparency (0-60). This parameter affects the translucency of the flame. At higher values, the color of the tongues of flame fades and the image becomes visible through them.

    Opaque flame Transparent flame
    Transparency = 10 Transparency = 40

  • Color (-180 to 180). You can change the color of the flame by using the gradient line or entering a value.

    Blue flame Natural color Green flame
    Color = -160 (cobalt blue flame) Color = 0 (natural color of flame) Color = 85 (chrome green flame)

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